Anybody having problems with safe mode with Intel DG41RQ?

Trying to boot into safe mode. Works about a third of the time. Most of the time it doesnt seem to recognize that i am pushing F8 and just goes straight to Windows. When it does come up with safe mode screen I can get as far as choosing between administrator and owner. When I choose administrator monitor goes blank and have to push power button off & back on to get something on screen again. Even got frozen on blank blue screen once after clicking administrator. Anyone know wats going on?
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  1. Try reinstalling your windows...this is a common problem that occur for many of the users ...go for reinstalling ..
  2. Reinstalled Windows several times already actually. Its not a Windows problem. The computer just freezes or goes blank at any random time. During booting, in BIOS, while using Windows, etc. Gotta be a motherboard or processor issue but I dont know how to fix it
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