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Ok guys im on the look out at a new cpu i would rather get a quad core cpu as games are slowly moving to multi core i found the amd phenom x4 9600 2.3GHz quad core and found a really good x2 the amd phenom x2 550 3.1GHz dual core so can you guys please help me deside many reviews show the 9600 to not be a good cpu but i though u know its a quad core and alos my motherboad doesnt support unlocking the other 2 cores on the 550 so which is better amd phenom x2 550 or phenom x4 9600
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  1. Budget?

    Assuming you're around $100, the x4 620 or 630 are excellent quad cores. If the budget is higher, I really like the x4 955 BE ($165).

    Have you looked at the triple cores? They're a good budget substitute for a quad core. Benchmarks show that gaming performance increases a lot from 1 to 2 cores and from 2 cores to 3, but very little from 3 to 4.
  2. try to get the q6600, performs much better....and is only a little bit expensive, like $50 more.....used though.....even the triple cores are great....considering you already have a 5870 dx11 card!
  3. The Q6600 is not avialable any more. It's old. It's slower than the AMDs mentioned. You don't need a 5870 for a triple core. You don't even need a video card for it.

    The only Intel CPU that's a reasonable priced upgrade is the i5-750 at $195. After that, you're looking at an i7-920 build, which runs a good $200-300 more than an AMD build.
  4. you dont need it but its a good combo for gaming at dx11 high, i mentioned second hand (used) cpu.....which should be cheaper or at the same price....he doesnt want to spend more....i see you are righting me at every thread??
  5. You just happen to be posting in the threads I already was already in.

    Every thing will game will with the 5870. It is the best card available. It's also almost the price of an entire system at $400.
  6. thelivingflesh said:
    i see you are righting me at every thread??

    He's only responding to you where you're posting incorrect/outdated information.
  7. i said 5870 which is cheaper....or he could spends loads of money on an x58 and new ram....when the only thing he can put in was a good video card to boost gaming...
  8. Yea, I don't know where that used Q6600 suggestion came from. He currently has an AMD build. He would have to also buy an outdated LGA 775 motherboard to go with that outdated Q6600. Doesn't make any sense at all to me.
  9. well i cant get a q6600 duhh my mobo is amd lol but yea im pretty sure il be going with the phenom 550
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