MSI 790X-G45 for 64$ HELP!!

Hi, I'm having trouble with deciding which mobo to use for my first build, and when this came up on, I was even more torn between mobo's. Ok, if you go to, right now there is a "Shell Shocker" for this motherboard (MSI 790X-G45) for only 64$ and free shipping. The deal ends tonight, so I need answers quick! (please :) ) I probably wont upgrade to 16gb of RAM any time soon and I would like to have the option of crossfire in the future (at least x8 x8) My questions are ...

1. Is this a good gaming mobo for my rig? (used for mostly gaming/internet browsing)

Phenom II x4 3.0ghz am3
DDR3 1600MHz Gskill RAM
XFX 5770
etc ...

2. Will the lack of SATA III and USB 3.0 affect me within the next 5ish years?

3. Is this motherboard x8 x8? (data transfer whatever for the PCI-E slots) cause I definitely wont buy it if its only x4 x4

4. If this motherboard wont fit my needs, which one would? (i shop from,

Please help!!
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    Seems like a solid deal. Not sure why it doesnt natively support DDR3 1600. Almost all motherboards support up to 1600... but it is a budget/value board. In real life, you probly wont notice the difference anyway.

    I couldnt find any specs on it as far as PCIexpress crossfire setup goes... but it definately will be x8x8 without a doubt.

    *The x8x8 is based on 16x. Simply put... the motherboard only has one 16x bandwidth. So when you use two cards... they share it (8x each effectively)
    This wont make a difference really if you want to crossfire two 5770's... you'll be fine. Only way it may matter is if you tried to crossfire two 5970's or something with huge throughput.

    Seems like a hell of a deal for the price for your basic computer/entry level gaming needs. Go FOR IT!
  2. Great! Thanks!
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