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Hello TM, I mostly game on the CPU I've got which is a i7-3770k with Hyperthreading off.

@ 4700Mhz with Prime95 for a few hours I've hit 80C at peak (But it goes around 72C-75C), in games it has peaked 70C~ but usally hangs around 65C~

@ 4500Mhz with prime95 for a few hours I've hit 72C at peak and for some reason it actually hangs around just under 70C, in games it has peaked around 60C but usally hangs around 55C~

Was just wondering if the extra 200Mhz is worth the heat, and am I safe at those tempatures? How long the CPU lasts to me isn't a concern unless it slices its life to <2 1/2 years, anyway thanks for reading.
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  1. Those CPU speeds don't even matter in gaming. What was the point of buying a 3770K if you have hyperthreading off?
  2. Hey amuffin, this was an unexpected gift from my girlfriend as she knew I was planning on getting a new computer and she doesn't really know the difference between i7 and i5 (She just picked the one which seemed superior)

    But thank you for the swift reply, are any of those temps alarming by any chance?
  3. COOLIT ECO II C240 A.L.C.

    I just went back on 4500Mhz, lowered the voltage and now the PC is running on prime to see if it's stable. I've got a few hours in right now on blend, just wondering how long should I leave it on for? I'm thinking of 12 hours.

    Seeing it right now, the core barely reaches over 60C, so by going back 200Mhz I 'might' of shredded almost 20C. I don't know about you guys but an extra 17C~ is not worth it. Thanks for posting too, verbalizer.
  4. You should keep HT on :)
  5. Sorry if this a silly question, but if I mostly game on the PC then why would I want hyperthreading on? Iirc it raises tempatures and the majority of games don't benefit form such. That's just me lurking on forums and watching their replies to the same question.

    I will however get back into video editing sometime so I guess I'll have two OC profiles, maybe that's the best solution? Thank you for sharing this knowledge. (:
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