DL360 G6 processor upgrade to X5570 - will not boot

We are trying to upgrade an HP DL360 G6 from dual E5540 processors to dual X5570 processors.
The server will not boot with the X5570 installed - no BIOS post - just a blank screen. Putting back the old processors boots fine.
Worked with HP on it, but cannot get an answer of what's wrong, even though the X5570 is a valid processor upgrade.
We are using the Intel boxed X5570
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  1. I assume the two new X5570 have the same sSPEC right? Check just to make sure.
    If you've already updated the BIOS to latest for DL360 G6 before plugging the two new chips in, I really have no clue what's stopping it from POSTing.
  2. The same specs. In working with HP, they started thinking about BIOS issues (after everything else they suggested... and didn't work).
    They suggested changing the Minimum Processor Idle Power State... Let you know how that goes.
    Does it make sense? Any other ideas?
    Thanks in advance
  3. Is there a BIOS or CMOS reset switch on the motherboard?
    Otherwise the good'ol pulling out cell battery trick will do. You'll have to reconfigure everything in BIOS afterwards obviously.

    In this case I'm more familiar with PowerEdge than ProLiant unfortunately.

    Tell the HP support guys which sSPEC your new X5570s have so they check on their own. Being Q1G9 and SLBF3 for X5570.
  4. Yes, there's a "system management switch" set jumper 6 on - reboot - wait - shut down - set jumper 6 off - reboot.... voila - reset.
    Do you think that could do it?
  5. same thing happened to me, its the ram, non compatibility issues
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