Thanks to all, Phenom II 965T

Hi all

New to the site and overclocking, i spent around 5 hours yesturday scaling through these forums and on my pc scaling through the bios, after picking up great advice and learning from some great tutorials id like to thank every1 who contributes to these forums, you have all indirectly helped me without me having to even ask a question. Anyway, After stressing my pc out with games and stability tests in pretty sure iv got this stable, got my Phenom II 965T from 3.00ghz up to 4.3ghz. Im overjoyed at how its running but how far do you think i could push this cpu??

Thanks again people

1 happy overclocker here. :pt1cable:

My specs.

Asus Sabertooth 990FX Motherboard
AMD Phenom II Qaud core overclocked from 3ghz to 4.3ghz
16GB RAM (8GB Kingston 1800 - 8GB PNY 660)
2 OCZ Agility 3 60GB SSD's(RAID 0)
Corsair H60 Hydroseries CPU Watercooling
Corsair 900watt power supply
Saphire HD Radeon 7950 OC'd Edition
500GB Seagate HDD
24" L.E.D HD LG Monitor
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  1. i can say nice .. if your OC get pass Prime95 over 3hours and temperature max 58C
  2. Ok, i have downloaded prime95 and im going to run it tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks :hello:
  3. Good thing i tried that :( , problems pretty quickly as it lost a worker, i have toned my oc down to 4.1ghz and changed a few things that i read on the oc'n guide on this site, have restarted prime 95 and its got alot further than the last time but we will see, fingers crossed
  4. Ok i woke up after falling asleep and prime 95 is still going, i started an in place large fft's 4 hours 40 minsutes ago, all workers still going and all seems good, will this ever finish lol
  5. It doesnt end til you stop it manually. After 4:40 if its stable, you are good.
  6. Ahh ok thanks, i guess i was jus trying to squeeze to much out but im happy at 4.1ghz :)
  7. nice .. enjoy your OC
  8. I have mine OCed to 3.8 basically and it runs everything I throw at it. Altho it is a 1090T. Might make a difference heh.
  9. Nice, i hope to eventually upgrade my cpu to an AMD FX-4 4170 Black Edition 4 Core 4.2GHz Socket AM3+. Any experience with this processor?
  10. Not me no, havent felt the need to upgrade, or sidegrade in that case, or even go Intel, yet.
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