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My i7 recently got burned (memory controller, I believe) and I have a matching scorch mark in the Mobo socket. I was wondering if the scorch in the socket is going to harm the mobo's performance (or possibly damage any future processors I put in). The pins do not seem to be disfigured, so I can't tell if the burn is only on the surface, or if there is potentially dangerous damage to the board itself.

Side note: The computer would run with the i7, but I would get BSODs and sometimes my computer would not recognize a stick of RAM. All ram passed Memtest individually and I've RMAd both the board and the RAM multiple times.
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  1. Any time there is a burn mark on anything it is one of two things 1 a bad connection or 2 a short in a circuit and both are not good it WILL be bad ant way you put it! hope this helps
  2. The mark itself is in the socket and I know for a fact that the processor itself was what burned it. I just don't know if the scorch has any lasting effect on the mobo, or if it will be ok to simply place a new processor in.
  3. Here's your problem: you do not know whether the CPU or the motherboard caused the scorch.

    If the motherboard caused the scorch, putting a new CPU in it may fry the new CPU. The converse is also true. And the i7-900's aren't like the Core2 chips where you can buy a $50 CPU to test with.

    In your position, I don't know what I'd do.
  4. I'm almost positive the processor itself was the cause. I went through 2 motherboards that experienced the same issues (processor remained the same). Replaced the RAM 3 times, with the same problems.
  5. The "scorch"/ burned area of the circuit board has altered the electircal properties between the CPU pins. Most probable is a increased conductivity between pins - My advise, ditch the MB. Initial cause could have been that this was one of the sockets that had a defect. This was a while ago, but is an exact effect caused by this defect.
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