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Custom Build Box makers

Last response: in Systems
January 6, 2010 1:13:26 PM

I'm in Atlanta, GA. Looking for a custom build I970, 12GB, Raid 1, reliable 1x 1TB Hard Drives, 2 med Video cards. I've gotten quotes from ZT Systems out of NJ and MicroCenter which has 2 local stores. (1) MicroCenter is offering significantly better components at the same price, but only 30 days phone support after the sale (2) ZT Systems offers lifetime level 1 and 2 support as part of the price. A - Is there any other company you would strongly recommend for a custom build? This is for an OFFICE computer using quad monitors - NOT A GAMING PC. My main goal is reliability and redundancy. I mainly use Word and Excel and surf the web. Many of the custom box builders are gaming companies. Yes, I know my specs are overkill for my use, but my reasoning is that I want this to be largely bullet proof and grow with tech advancement over the next 5 years. My budget for the box including windows Prof. is about 1800 - 2k.
January 6, 2010 1:19:58 PM

So this isn't in the right spot. This is where we suggest what to do to build your own, not buy from a retailer. Don't expect many responses.

Check out IBuyPower or CyberPC. You could also look into finding a place that will put all the parts together for you.

Or save yourself a few hundred and build it yourself. It's really easy...
January 24, 2010 10:20:35 PM

I would love to as a hobby, but i am building a new business from scratch. I need something out of the box and like an armor car - bulletproof tool. so maybe correct that this is not the best forum for trying to find whether or CT systems or microcenter is the best place to purchase a custom-built computer, however,I am in because I need one a week or so from today.