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Which ssd for SRT

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December 24, 2011 2:22:30 AM

i know that there are quite a few thread on this topic , but they did not specifically answer my questions.
I am also aware that lots of people do not like SRT at all and generally advise to go for and os install on ssd instead.
I really want to try ssd and If i am not happy with it i can always stop and use the ssd as os drive or whatever so please let's focus on my questions rather than on discussing the pros and cons of srt...
I am considering the following ssd as srt cache. which one would you recommend in terms of efficiency, bang for buck and lifetime? ( I still don't really understand if srt kills ssd faster than normal use, so if you can comment on that please feel free to do so)
1) Crucial M4 64 Gb
2) corsair force serie 3 60 Gb
3) corsair force GT 60 Gb

if you can think of better ssd for srt please let me know

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a c 312 G Storage
December 24, 2011 2:30:59 PM

The answer to your question is it does not matter which ssd you use with SRT. There is no best ssd for SRT. There is no ssd that was specifically designed for use with SRT. When Intel originally developed SRT they were thinking it would be used with one of their small capacity 30GB ssd's that cost about $100.00 USD. A lot has changed since then.

The Crucial m4 you mentioned is popular with gamers and enthusists.

Which ssd caching application did you want to experiment with? Do you want to try the original Intel SRT; the Intel SRT integrated on some of the newer motherboards; or one of the other third party caching applications?

December 24, 2011 3:36:07 PM

Thanks JohnnyLucky. I am going to buy a asus P8z68 pro v gen3 and thus experiment on the SRT possibility available with that card. is that not the original srt?
Is there any feedback on damage (or more rapid wear) caused to ssd used in srt?
a c 160 G Storage
December 24, 2011 3:57:43 PM

SRT should not rapid wear a drive, but the faster then better and remember, it is not like having an SSD.

It will help your most used programs/games and i think it is still limited to 64gigs MAX.

I would bet on the M4 as well. I have a cheap Kingston and it works fine. Not like an SSD, but still better then nothing.

It should be noted that if you use Maximum mode(will write the the ssd for speed and not just place common LBA's on the SSD) they state that you can loose data under certain circumstances(drive failure ect).

I have not tested this. I know if I loose power(or overclock too far and crash) with Enhanced mode on next boot I get a intel prompt about rebuilding the cache or something then all is well again(its fast to rebuild).