Iomega eGo 500GB External Hard Drive isn't recognized

My external hard drive has suddenly stopped working. It vibrates and my laptop beeps when I put it in and out but I can't see my files. I tried plugging and unplugging it and I get the same error. I also tried shutting down my laptop for 5 minutes. None of my 3 USB ports work so it has to be my hard drive. What do I do?
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  1. Hello ChiefKeeper92,
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    1. Try connecting your External HDD to some other PC
    2. Try if you can see your files with Recuva
  2. It isn't recognized when I plug it in to other computers. I also ran Recuva but since it isn't even installed on my laptop I don't know how I can use the program to help me. If my hard drive isn't recognized or able to be installed what's the next step? Can I somehow save the info off of it?
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    Let's try one more.
    I understand this drive is not at all showing in your laptop and isn't even installed. Once I had this problem with an internal HDD which was not showing in Windows or even BIOS. I had then used Parted Magic and my HDD was visible in this (Linux based) program and I was able to save my Data. You can even run this program by booting from its CD (No install is required).
    If nothing is working, no harm in giving it a try.

    Good luck and Merry Christmas!!!
  4. jsmakkar, thank you for all the tips that you brought. I used a different cord and it seemed to work fine when i ran recuva. Otherwise the new cord just allowed me to install it. The connections seemed faulty but thank you for the support. Yes I am inhebriated if you were wondering.

    Merry Christmas to you as well.
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  6. Thank you!!!
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