Why is my 4870 1bg always crash

i have a AMD Phenom II X4 945 3.00GHz
4Gb ram
Power supply 650w toughpower
4870 1gb dark knight

When the graphic card is heated at 83C the screen of my monitor turn to blank and i must restart my computer .I never had problems with the nvidia GPUs please can anyone tell me a solution :cry:
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  1. If you really think that it's the temperature that's causing the problem, try downloading Rivatuner, than setting the fan 100% thru that and then try again.
  2. i tried but it didnt work
  3. how is the voltage drop on your power supply under load?
  4. what do you mean you mean

    sorry that i dont understand
  5. You can also start CCC - go to Overdrive, click the Lock and then set your fan to 100%

    Yes you need your driver to use 3d and other features of your card

    You could try placing a fan in the case or leaving the side panel off to also see if that helps to lower temps.
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