What is the right motherboard for my system?

I'm going o update my current rampage formula w/q8300 to an amd 890fx chipset one and I want to know which motherboard is the best for me:
The Asus Crosshair IV Formula (looks really, really cool and looks matter)
Gigabyte's GA-890FXA-UD5 (looks cheaper and in deed it is)
I would also like to know what cpu woud be better to get (I'm not planing to do any heavy overclock, but certainly i will do a slight tweak runing on the stock cooler) a 1055t or a 965 x4. Do u think it will be able to run crysis 2 when its out (i currently have an HD4770 and i wont upgrade until the game is out). Thanks.
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  1. Other than gaming I also will be using this system to edit full HD and 2k video (one resolution above 1080p) and other demanding multimedia tasks.
  2. It's really your call on the motherboard. I've always used gigabyte and never had any issues. Obviously if you have a sidepanel window on your rig with some LEDs and stuff... the black/red of the Asus is going to look alot more bada$$ than the gigabyte baby blue cookie monster color.

    For gaming... the 965 will be better b/c of the higher clocks. *if you really do alot of 'demanding' multitasking and editing, then the 6core will be beneficial. Of course demanding is a relative term. ultimately, they're both great processors. If gaming is your priority (and it sounds like it is), then go with the 965
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