The computer turns on but turns off in a few seconds

Hello, i have a problem with my computer, the pc turns on, and then turns off in a few seconds.
I see many other people have the same problem. My one hard drive is ruined, i found out :p but that is unplugged. and everything else is plugged in correctly! Please help me! :D
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  1. Do you see the bios? Disconnect everything except one stick of ram and see if it will stay on(in the bios), if it does then reconnect everything piece at a time till you find the problem. if it doesn't try another stick of ram in a different slot, still no dice then its probably your PSU but could also be the motherboard or CPU. You will have to start replacing those to narrow it down any further. Power supply would be my bet though.
  2. are the motherboard standoffs installed properly?
    please list ur specs so we can tell if ur psu is overloaded.
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