QX6850 Immediate Help Needed!

Hi, I have a Dell XPS 700 already running a Q6700 with Nvidia 590-SLI motherboard. I just bought the QX6850 and after installing it my computer won't start. But when I put the Q6700 back the computer works perfect. I went to nvidia website and checked the link:

it clearly states that the QX6850 is supported by the nForce 590-SLI what am I doing wrong. I bought this used CPU do you think the CPU is dead. Please help me ASAP so I can call the seller and return for an exchange if the CPU is dead.
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  1. have you updated bios?
  2. I have the latest bios from dell it is 1.4.1
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    then it might be a dell propriety board made by nvidia which doesn support the 6850
  4. what should I do then am I stuck with the processor? or I should test it on another computer just to make sure its not the CPU that is dead.
  5. test it first then return it
  6. one thing... Did you have the Q6700 overclocked before you threw in the QX6850? If so, did you revert the Q6700 settings back to default before you took it out and put in the QX6850?

    If you didn't, the settings will mis-match as the Q6700 uses a 10x multi and the QX6850 uses higher...
  7. I did not over clock the Q6700 at all it was on the same factory settings as it came. Plus the BIOS for thsi Dell XPS 700 will not let you alter anything until you put in a Extreme Edition Processor. I am so upset about this have no clue at all why it would not work.
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