Should I wait for a 5850/5870 pricedrop or....

Should I just go ahead and pull the trigger on a second 4890 for xfire.

Thanks guys :)

Edit: 1920x1080
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  1. I have a 4870 and currently plan on getting another for crossfire rather than wait and get a cheaper 5XXX.
    I was told performance with even a crossfire 4870 is comparable to a 5850, but I don't know.

    I'd just go with crossfire, I mean, a 4890 alone is nice, two would be even better! In some cases, anyway.
  2. if i were you i;d sell that 4890 and pick up a 5850 (thats what ive done), i sold my 4890 for £120 and brought a 5850 for £201.81

    it'll use alot less energy than 2 x 4890's produce alot less heat and will give you good performance and DX11 support.
  3. Depends, can you get a nice price for the 4890?
    If not then it'll be horrible to let the 4890 go to waste.
  4. Two 4890's perform significantly better than a 5850.....the 5870 would be an improvement but at twice the price of adding a 2nd 4890. With fermi allegedly delayed till march, I don't see the 5xx series dropping anytime soon.
  5. i got mine for £201, which is pretty much launch price. not bad at all. things at TSMC must be improving.
  6. 2 4870s (1gb) would equal the performance of a 4870x2 which equals a 5870. 2 4890s out performs a gtx295 and thus a 5870. Personally I'd throw in the other 4890 and skip this gen, or atleast wait till 2011 to see where dx11 is heading. If you can sell it and get enough for a 5870 that is fine too, but honestly it performs to close to a 5850 to be worth investing into. You can overclock a 4890 pretty damn far and close the gap between a 4890 and gtx 285.

    Edit: 2x 5770s is also another option if you are itching for dx11.
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