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Hey, I have an overclocked Phenom II x4 965 BE with a thermaltake water 2.0 performer, and was looking to get some lower temperatures by upgrading the fans, Noise isn't much of an issue, I would prefer more performance and to be noisy. I set the stock fans to go 100% but they are still very quiet so I feel like its not pushing much air, so I was hoping with some better fans I could force more air through the radiator making it cooler. I'm not sure what kind of fans to get though, I know I want 2, 4 pin 120mm fans and I would prefer Blue or white LEDs but it doesn't really matter.
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  1. I'm thinking about getting the second ones, (the scythe ultra kaze), but one thing that I find kind of weird is how short the blades are, I know those are still high CFM fans, but I just find it weird how small the blades are. and this fans looks like a 3 pin, do you think I can still use this with my 990FX board?(for the cpu fans, and custom fan profiles)
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    A fan that operates with two wires is just going to turn on and with the extra wire you have control over speed , the motherboard connector will accept a three or four pin plug so it will be able to be adjusted by the bios.
    As far aas the short blades , it doesn't matter when it says that it will push a certian amount of air and when you are getting higher rpms then you have to have a more powerful motor which means it will be larger thus cutting down the size of the blades. I do belive you want to go with a pwm fan.
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