I cannot open my desktop icons

My desktop icons and start menu will not open. Also, when I try to upload photos to ebay, the action fails. I cannot do a system restore because I don't have any restore dates.
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  1. What changes have U made recently?
    Does the icons and start menu do the same in safemode? (I'm assuming U tried the system restore from safemode?)
    All icons won't open or just some? The icons in Start menu or the menu itself?
    Have U tried opening your programs directly from Program files?
    Can U go to Event viewer and see if any errors related? (check and post details)

    If all icons, including My computer how do you access things, by task manager with New task? or U just use safemode?
    try a chkdsk /f, chkdsk /r, sfc /scannow (start >run >cmd)
    it might be a stupid Explorer.exe issue, you can try to stop it and load it again with New task.
    or it may be user related:
    Make a new user, and if that works normal, just copy your old My documents and Desktop to new user.

    Yeah I know, many questions...

  2. After unplug net connecton, go to safe mode and scan computer with an antivirus.
    Also install adobe flash player plugin.
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