How to set up an hdd to use as an external disc

I have a couple of 2.5" 160 GB hdd that I would like to use in external enclosures to store photos and music.

Both discs have been used as internals, one still has win7 and some data, the data will have to be moved and the operating system deleted.

The other still has some data but no operating system, neither win7 nor XP will recognize it, the data needs to be rescued.

I don't know how to go about formatting the discs so that they will be recognizable by my operating systems nor how to rescue the data from the disc that my operating systems don't recognize.

Could anybody spell this out very simply for me.

I've tried trawling various forums including this one in search of an answer but get lost in strings of terms or places I don't understand.

Here's hoping
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  1. Install the hard disk in an external enclosure such as this one: (This is a very reliable product. I have four of them in use for backups primarily, and to transfer data between computers).

    Then connect the external enclosure to a computer via a USB (or eSATA) cable.

    Go to Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Disk Management. Then select the hard disk (external) and NTFS format it.

    Restart the computer.

    Merry Christmas!
  2. Hi Ubrales,

    I have external enclosures, good Welland Sun Brights.

    With one hdd I did what you suggest except that I kept a NTFS partition for the data that was already on it.
    (so I wouldn't erase it, its 37GB so I didn't exactly want to put it on DVDs or even USB thumb drives while I set the disc up).

    Now neither WIN7 nor XP will recognize it at all.

    With the other disc; being afraid that I had done something wrong with the first, I haven't done anything yet.
    That also has some data that I would like to keep (34GB) but seeing what happened with the 1st disc I am wary of ending up in the same position.

    Maybe I do have to move the data off it to another storage of some sort while I do it?????

    And I'm still wondering how to get into the first unrecognized disc?

    Happy Christmas to you to.
  3. gunjar said:
    Hi Ubrales, ....... Maybe I do have to move the data off it to another storage of some sort while I do it?????

    Happy Christmas to you to.

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

    Yes, move (copy) all data (everything; you can later delete what you do not want) to another disk. Then NTFS format the disk single partition (multi partition is not relevant these days).

    After you do this successfully, repeat for the other disk.
  4. Hi Ubrales,


    OK, I get I'll have to move everything off the disc but first I need to find a way to get it recognized, that is; when I put it in an enclosure and hook it up to a computer the computer can't see it, doesn't recognize it at all. I can't move the data until the disc can be seen.

    Here its just about boxing day
  5. Hope something from here will be of help:

    Over here very few know Boxing Day, and Guy Fawkes Day! :)
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