Leadtek Px6800gt is dead what next?

My old card is dead and looking for a new card or upgrade

I'm running dual 21" monitors and Video editing, it's running 24/7 so I'm burning cards every 2 yrs

I'm now stuck on my backup card which is crap :( well what do you expect from £40 card!

I have a Asus A8N- SLI deluxe PCI-E MB, was running the 6800gt 256mb

Would running Dual cards help with the length of time my cards are lasting?

If so What single card or dual cards would you recommend for around £180 - 250 if dual still need to be within budget for both cards. (sorry money is tight here in the UK)
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  1. To get the performance of the 6800GT you don't need a expensive card 9800GT is at least twice as fast http://www.ebuyer.com/product/173758 You could go with a GTS250 as well http://www.ebuyer.com/product/173695
    Running dual cards will not help the lifetime of the card. What helps the lifetime is that they are kept in a well ventilated case and the heat sink and fan is cleaned on a regular basis so they can run nice and cool all the time. It is usually heat that kills cards.
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