Ramdisk for gaming ?

I was wondering if it would load faster if i have the game installed on a ramdisk over a ssd. I have agility 3 drives for my gaming and os, so transfering the game after each boot would be prettyfast into ramdisk but woud i see any boost for loading.
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  1. The answer is yes! agility 3 drive performance is about 500MB/s read and write and if you system rams are DDR3 1333mhz or more u will get somthing about 3GB/S read and write or more!!! :D
    but i think you don't need to do that!))
    your drive is fast enough!;)
  2. Yeah i know its already fast but would it be faster :D I want instant loading :D
  3. its faster around 5~10 times! ))

    you have to try it, then will understand how much fast it is! :)
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