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Hi there...complete noob question I know, but would love some help....I have a HP laptop & need to up grade ram from 2 gb to 4 gb - apparently it wil take 5gb according to ... can I add a 4gb ram stick to one slot leaving a 1gb stick in the other? will this be ok? Thank you so much in advance whoever answers x
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  1. What is your computer model? Its odd that it says 5gb. Id say thats false. Ram is limited by the OS i think not the hardware. So it would really depend on which version of windows you have. Windows vista 32bit takes a max of 4gb, and if you have the 64gb version then you should be good up to 8gb. Look at this:

    Schroll down and find your windows version and you will see what your Pc can take.
  2. your hardware can also limit ram. i would say its better to have matching sticks. I would just do the 2 x 2gb, and go with 4 gigs.
  3. Some laptops have memory that is soldered directly to the motherboard. This allows for more compact laptops but greatly hinders upgradability. If you can tell us the model of your laptop we can help you better
  4. Depends on what laptop, 5gb wouldn't be dual channel mode.
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