Ad hoc network for Nintendo DS Lite (using Vista)

Hi everyone, I have a friend who has his PC connected to a router which he cannot change the settings on due to reasons out of his control. He wants to play his Nintendo DS on wifi but is unable to because the router is not using an encryption method it can use :(.

So here's the deal... Here's running Vista 64bit (on a laptop). Is there a way to create a bridge and get his DS online?

Having the Laptop connect to a wired connection, and using the wireless connection, what are the exact steps we'd need to follow to get it online? Is it even possible?


I've tried to setup the ad hoc network myself and failed, I don't think I'm setting the manual IPs up correctly or something... Would appreciate if someone might be able to help out with this issue from step one so we do it right.
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  1. Having the adhoc network connection is a definitely a necessity, but not sufficient. You need software on the laptop that creates a bridge between the two connections on the laptop and constructs a gateway for the Nintendo DS. The solution is to keep DHCP enable on both ends of the adhoc network, and enable ICS on the Internet connection.
  2. Lol I was thinking about that too so I can trade my awseome pokemons :3
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