IBM Think Pad Laptop - DOS Admin Password Problem

QUESTION: I purchased a laptop from someone who "aquired" it (found this out later).

It boots (not windows), and asks for an "administrators password" (DOS I think).

He does not have the password, so I tried to re-install Windows, but that didn't work as it doesn't boot enough to even get to loading Windows.

I talked to a tech who said I needed to replace the motherboard, but he couldn't do it without a legal sales reciept (which I don't have).

I don't want to run software to recover it or the like processes.

So, can I just buy a new motherboard, and will that solve the problem. (or is it the Pentium chip, or?)

And if that is the answer, is "motherboard" the technical term I should search for on Amazon?

Thank you for your help guys.
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  1. Replacing the system board will probably cost almost as much as the laptop did, if not more, depending on how old it is. I would demand my money back. Laptops in the past few years have implemented BIOS password security that is much harder to defeat, bypass, or reset. It could be as easy as removing the CMOS battery for 24 hours, but that is becoming the exception.
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