Help needed, regarding new PC...

Hey Guys i'm looking out for anew PC
Purpose: Audio/Video editing, Software Development &Games
Budget:Upto INR 30K(excluding monitor)
{what i have decided yet...}
motherboard: ASUS M4a785 TD V-EV or MSI NF980-G65
Ram: 2GB DDR3 Transcend/Corsair
HDD: seagate 500GB
Cabinet: please suggest
PSU: please suggest

i just want some knowledge and ofcourse some valuable comments about this config(especially CPU and board).
whether this config would be cool till two or three years from now(atleast)???

Give some comments abt AMD Opteron series...
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  1. The phenom II 955/965 are fine CPUs and will be good for several years.

    As long as they are AM3 (not AM2+/3) motherboards and use DDR3 RAM they should be fine.

    You really want 4GB RAM (2x2kit) and windows 7 64bit.

    Case - look at Antec 200, 300, 900, 902, 1200 and Coolermaster Storm Scount, CM 690, HAF 922, HAF 932. I have no idea if you are looking for big or small, portable or not. All if the cases I listed have good airflow.

    You dont have a graphics card listed. Without a graphics card you cant figure out what power supply you need.
  2. ya but i think that the onboard graphics would suffice for my needs, so didn'y mention it!
    and the cabinet is not meant to be portable, i mean it can be big enough on the fact that it should have proper cooling solutions.

    thanks for reply...
  3. I really like to suggest the HAF 922 as the case, but the Antec 900 is also really good.

    PSU: Stick with Corsair, Antec Earthwatts and OCZ. Without a discrete card, you'll need at most 450W.

    GPU: I would want to at least stick in a small card, but that could come later if you decide onboard doesn't give you enough. If you want to leave the option open, get a 550W PSU.
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