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OK, time moves on and I had to build a new PC. I'd like to use my older MSI N260GTX-T2896 OC GTX260 RT and add another card for SLI since the new PC has enough CPU power (socket 1156 i5 750) to take advantage of it over my older AMD X2 3800+ system.

But, the cards keep moving around on core and memory specs. What specs have to remain the SAME and what specs can vary some. Will the "master" SLI slot one card dumb down a "faster" core / memory clock card in the second slot?

I imagine that the memory amount (869MB) and interface (448-bit) have to be the same, for sure.

Am I crazy, or has the memory clock DOUBLED since I bought my older card (1080 MHz to 2100 MHz)? My my older card is a DDR3, as are all the newer cards.

So, will SLI with a newer version of this card work? Would you do it?
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  1. It will work. You are correct about the memory and interface. The cards are going to default to the lower speed. The memory clock has not doubled one is listed 1080MHz which is the actual speed which gives you an DUAL DATA RATE 2160MHz. The other one is listed at DDR 2100MHz which gives you actual speed of 1050MHz.
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