Whats the difference between amd athlon 64 x2 dual core and amd sempron le-1300


I recently bought a system as "open box" from Best Buy. It's an HP Compaq CQ5205Y. It has a Sempron LE-1300 S 2.3 Ghz processor in a AM2 socket. It looks like I'll be getting a free AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4200+, 2.2 Ghz from my sisters old computer and I'm wondering which would work best in my system? I have to admit my new HP Compaq system just doesn't seem to handle multiple open web pages simultaneously at the moment, would the AMD Athlon processor work better?
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  1. I hope that your compaq cost pnuts because it is some pretty old hardware.

    The Athlon will do a huge performance gain for the simple reason that it's a dual core next to a single core cpu.

    With that said, it's still pretty slow compared to AMD's budget 75$ cpu's but it is plentyful for most people.

    Since it's a compaq I recommend the following.

    Add Remove Programs
    Remove all compaq labeled garbage and all trial software, do not buy a norton license (comes trial with most compaqs) uninstall it and install avira free antivirus just google it.

    start , run, msconfig

    uncheck all, then just check your antivirus.

    this will speed up your pc.

    Assuming it's Windows Vista considering it's a compaq with a Vista aged cpu...
    You will want to go to control panel, user accounts. remove User Account Control as it causes more problems then solving them.

    Then in the security center, change the way it notifies you and ignore User Account Control.

    Good luck with the CPU Swap, I hope it goes smoothly...

    +1 on don't buy a PC from best buy...

    A PC made by an Honest small business who builds them can cost a bit more as they want to make a bit of money BUT, it's a clean windows install and the parts inside are not total cheep garbage... (How else do Compaq sells new computers for such insane low prices at bestbuy)
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