Phenom x3 450 @ 3.58ghz vs phenom b55 x4 @ 3.4ghz cpu unlocked

i currently have a athlon x3 455 @ 3580mhz. i unlocked a core today and now it reads phenom b55 @ 3.3ghz stock. i can overclock the b55 to 3.4-3.5ghz safely on stock voltages.

voltages kind of confuesed me, are these safe voltages.

1. athlon x3 455 @ 3.58ghz, = 1.328v at 60 c on load.

2, phenom b55 x4 @ 3.4-3.5Ghz = 1.344v at 66 c on load

i know the phenom b55 temps are a little high but i will be adding 4 case fans @1200rpm to my case soon.

1. i did not touch the voltages. are both voltages at a stock voltage? and safe

2. cpuid says the phenom b55 is 126w cpu. is it ok if my mobo supports only 95w a 3 core its 95w as a unlocked 4 core it says 126w, please help.

mobo is msi 760gm p23
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  1. 1. Voltages look ok, but...

    2. The official answer is "no", but if you could lower the vcore and remain stable, you can lower the actual power drain on your MB socket.

    I think OC the unlocked 4-core would be pushing your luck in that socket though.
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