Noise from PSU after upgrade

I've just upgraded my mobo, processor and memory.

Old Setup
* Mobo - Asus P5B
* CPU - Core 2 Duo e6300
* Memory - OCZ 800mhz (can't remember exact model)

New Setup
* Mobo - Asus Rampage II Gene
* CPU - i7 930
* Memory - OCZ 2000mhz (Gold Series, currently running at 1066mhz. Issues getting it to boot/register correct amount of ram at higher frequencies)

The rest of my system (unchanged)...

* Antec 1000w Truepower Quattro PSU
* EVGA Nvidia GTX 285
* 3x 250gb HDDs
* 1x DVD Burner

When I fired up "Stalker: Call of Pripyat" earlier, I noticed a constant high pitch whine coming from my PSU while I was in the main menu. Entering other menus causes the pitch to change or lower slowly.

I had the problem before with my old setup when I upgraded my gfx card from an 8800gts to a GTX 285. I swapped out the 800w psu for the one listed above, didn't have a problem again until today.

Surely my PSU should be able to handle this setup. Could it be a faulty unit, or is it just struggling with what I've got in my machine?
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  1. Here's what it sounds like

    The changes in pitch are when I switch between menus and pick items from dropdown menus
  2. Sorry, here's the working link
  3. Doesn't sound like fan noise, bad cap most likely, check the warranty you need a replacement as it will only get worse and could even be dangerous.
  4. "There are two common noise problems associated with power supplies, noisy fans and whistling capacitors. Noisy fans can be replaced, but only if you're a reasonably competent technician because you can really get a nasty zap from the stored energy in the capacitors even when the power supply is unplugged. Make sure your noisy fan problem isn't due to something silly like a piece of paper poking in through the fan grille before you rush out and buy a replacement. If your dog won't stay in the room when the computer is turned on or if your kids hear a high pitched whistling that you don't, it's probably a capacitor. To determine whether the capacitor is in the power supply or elsewhere in the system will require a process of elimination or some parts swapping."

    some more info
  5. Thanks Joe, I wasn't sure if it was a serious problem or not.

    I'll contact the store I got it from and request an RMA.
  6. No Problem :sol:
  7. I'm running my machine with the PSU outside the case now. Using some high tech equipment (an ear plug in one ear, and a short length of garden hose in the other) I've discovered that the noise has two sources. The majority comes from the PSU, but a quieter identical squeal comes from the graphics card as well.

    Could the noise from the graphics card be due to the "dirty" power on the PCI-E rails?
  8. Mystery solved

    I'll just have to wait and see if the replacement PSU fixes it.
  9. Now that is some nutty *** lol.
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