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Hey guys so i bought some corsair sp 120 fans to use with my asus z77 sabertooth motherboard. Just realized that the fans need 3 pin connectors and the only ones on the board are the place where the small fans asus provided are plugged in.

Should i just unplug these and put in 2 corsair sp 120s, one in the front and one in the back of the case? or are there other fan options that use 4 pin fan connectors.

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    depending on what fans you bought, you should have received a molex to 3/4pin fan connector(usually doesn't come with budget fans). If you have a 4 pin connector still on the board, you can plug in 3 pins on them. if not, you will need to either look for the molex connectors or invest in a fan controller.
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  3. thanks read your statement and found another forum post mentioning same thing. I ended up just plugging in the 3 pins to 4 pins slots.

    FYI regarding the power supply issue i was deciding on ended up getting a corsair tx750m for 109. Still have a $10 rebate i can use on it too.
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