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Hi everyone. I was just wondering what a good overclock to shoot for would be on my AMD 960t. Right now it is idling at 23 degrees C. It only got up to 33 degrees while I was playing a game but I'm not sure if that was max load or not. So waht do you think I could get out of this?
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  1. yes possible : first read guide

    you can just raise the multiplier up until prolly to 3600MHz. you can try higher at stock volts until it won't boot. watch your temp using hw monitor or speedfan. don't let the cpu temp go past 60C under load. and remeber disable turbo boost in bios

    and if possible unlock to X6 .. that need good mobo also had 140W TDP
    note : If your chip is not stableat Prime test an X6, do not put X6 even if it boots and is Windows stable. If it is only stable as an X5, put X5. If you don't know, say so and don't just put X4.
  2. http://valid.canardpc.com/cache/banner/2494330.png

    This is pretty easy--Turn off all thermal junk in bios and disable turbo.
    Change EOCP to 1866mhz(mobo will auto tune bsclk HT link and NB)
    Reduce cpu multiplier to 17.5x to get to 4000mhz
    Increase NB and HT link volts by 3 times up arrow when selected in bios.
    Then increase CPU to =.10 and RAM to 1.65volts
    Increase remaining volts by 2 or 3 (vtt..etc) times on up arrow when selected in bios. I do this with a Hyper 212 with 2 fans and a front and rear system intake. Combined with a Crucial M$ 120gb this thing screams.
    See the CPU ID screenshot link above to see clock speeds..etc.
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    Good luck and Happy OC'ing--Love my Gigabyte boards- Best OC'ers by a mile.
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