Upgrading to 120GB SSD with WD Velociraptor

Hi everyone,

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

So I got a WD Velociraptor 500GB HDD a few months ago and loaded up windows and all that jazz.

HOWEVER, I was just gifted a 120GB SATA 3 SSD, and I'd like to have my OS on there (for the start up speed and stuff) and then have my games and stuff on my Velociraptor.

Whats the best way to do this? Do I have to reformat my Velocirpator, because it has windows 7 on it right now?

Thank you all!!

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  1. Also guys, what is a native controller to get the "full potential of SATA 3 6gb/s" out of it? I'm really new to SSDs and just know the technology behind them.
  2. Only your best sequential reads will exceed the SATA 2 capacity, so if your motherboard does not have a sata 3 post it is not really a big deal.

    The most straightforward way to convert to an ssd is a clean win 7 install, then install really key programs to the ssd and everything else to the hdd.

    You will find that a 120 is a really big drive.
  3. Hey real,

    thanks for the respond. I have sata 3 capacity on my mobo, so do i need to do anything else?

    also, if my current hdd has windows 7 on it, will i have to reformat and lose everything on it to format it as a storage drive?

    I'm also wondering how to install the revisions and updates from OCZ before I put W7 on it (after you do that you cannot update it)

    Thanks sooooo much!
  4. Nope you need nothing else, just insure that the bios is set to AHCI for the HDD mode, not IDE, before the new install.

    Yes, if you reformat you lose the old Win 7 install, but gain a lot of space.

    Download the firmware update from OCZ and apply it before the OS install -- just insure that you select the correct firmware, it's easy to update.
  5. Real,

    Thanks again. What I meant however, was if I want to use my HDD as a storage for my Steam games etc, will I HAVE to format it as a storage drive? Or can I just use it now the way it is? (with w7 on it)

  6. You can do either -- you can use it as it is for your steam games, just with a little less storage space.
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