New power supply, but no video

Ok, this morning my power supply died. I bought a new one and installed it. The computer powers up, beeps once letting me know the boot up process was successful, fans turn, etc. However, there is no video. I put the correct cable on the PSU into my graphics card, but still nothing. The monitor still works on another computer, as well.

Did I forget to plug in a PSU cable or something? I plugged one into the wrong slot during the process, but the computer would not even power up.

Any ideas?
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  1. Please list your specs...PSU model, GPU, etc.
  2. does your rig have onboard video? It might be defaulting to it. Does your video card have more than one output? Do you have a different monitor to try? Do you have a different video card to try? troubleshooting is a process of elimination. rule out possibilities one at a time and you will find it.
  3. So I have video now (at least sort of), but now it says "Please insert system disk, then press Enter" upon startup. It is obviously not recognizing my hard drive, which leads me to believe there is no power going to it. That, in turn, makes me thing I may have missed a cable. However, I tried plugging in a 4-slot cable into my hard drive, but that makes it to where the computer doesn't power on, just flashes and spins the fans briefly.

    My specs, as I remember them are:

    Intel Core 2 Duo
    4G RAM
    Nvidia 8700(?) graphics card
    700G hard drive

    The PSU model is a Thermaltake 500w ATX 12v 2.2

    It seems like when I get one thing working, something else is missing. All I need to do to get power to the hard drive is plug in a 4-slot cable from the PSU, right? Is there a specific one beyond that?

    Thanks for the help.
  4. Two cables needed for HD .... one power, one SATA data.
  5. Ok, I tried all of the cables, but when I plug them into the hard drive, it doesn't even act like it is booting. It may flash, but that is it. However, when there are no power cables plugged into it, the computer starts to boot until it tells me to insert the system disk, then hit enter.

    Is it possible that my hard drive got fried when my power supply did?
  6. The hard drive is a SATA drive, yes?
  7. It's possible, but don't give up yet. As jsc asked, is it a SATA drive?
  8. It is, yes.
  9. The SARA drive has 2 cables, data and power. Can you go into the BIOS to see if the hard drive shows up? If not, then it could be faulty cable(s) or a dead hard drive.
  10. Sorry....SATA
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