Liquid Cooling for my setup

Hello, I have no clue how to go about buying liquid cooling, exactly what do i need?

i have 4 AMD phenum (tm) II x4 965 Processors
2 MSI radeon Oc 7770 HD graphics cards
and an MSI 870-G45 (MS-7599) motherboard

Is there something i can spend like 100-300$ on that is a full kit with everything i need?

I've been googling like mad and can't find a detailed enough answer. Thanks to all who help me out!
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  1. Have you read through the watercooling sticky? It's linked in my signature below and should get you started.
  2. how about $430 total for the whole system

    could not find full cover for your video cards so i got uni's
  3. read the sticky and there is no waterblock for need to use an universal waterblock..i dont think you should watercool your gpu as you are a beginner and for a beginner,you will run into many troubles when using an universal block...i recommend that you only watercool the cpu..the r7770 runs pretty cooler anyway//
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