New Radeon HD 5870 - DVI seems to not be working

I've been building a new PC and am having an issue with it. My system specs are:

Corsair 750W PSU
Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit
ASRock X58-Extreme motherboard
Intel Corei7 920 2.66ghz Quad-core CPU
6gb OCZ DDR31600 Ram
1TB Western Digital 7200RPM HDD
Diamond Radeon HD 5870
Hanns G 28" monitor

Now all of the hardware seems to be working perfectly fine. I have Windows 7 installed and it detected everything...BUT I am having a problem. If I try to use a DVI>HDMI cable to connect to my monitor I get no display. Using a VGA (with a VGA>DVI converter) works prefectly. I know there's nothing wrong with my monitor's HDMI port because I was running an HDMI switch with an Xbox 360 and PS3 hooked up and it worked perfectly fine. I hooked up the PC without using the switch and I got no display. I know the cable is not bad because I was using the DVI>HDMI cable with an old Geforce 8600GTS 512mb card and it worked perfectly fine.

I tried it with my old Viewsonic 21" monitor which had also had the Geforce card hooked up to it (I was using it with my old system before I got the new monitor) and I got the same results, no display with a DVI cable. However, my dad has a 21" monitor and when we hooked the card up to THAT monitor and the card is working perfectly fine. So why can I not get DVI with my two monitors (both of which were running the Geforce card) but my dad's (which wasn't running said card) works prefectly fine?

Again, I might add that VGA with my Hanns G 28" works prefectly fine (in fact I'm using it right now).

I seem to recall having a similar issue with my Geforce card and my Viewsonic where after I updated the drivers the DVI input stopped working but the VGA input worked fine. I at first though the cable was dead and got another one but it turns out that it wasn't a cable issue. I wound up having to use some sort of DVI recover tool to get it working I need some sort of tool for this card as well? I can't remember where I found it... I'd really like to get DVI working since its so much sharper than VGA.
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  1. Something else I've noticed is that I have to turn the computer on three times before I get display with the VGA cable on my 28" monitor. The first time I turn it on I have no display. I turn it off and turn it on again and it turns ITSELF off half a second after I turn it on the second time. The third time I turn it on there IS display. This never fails - I have to go through this EVERY time I use my computer.
  2. I thought it might help if I uploaded some pictures of how my PC is set up. Here is the link.

    As I said, there's nothing wrong with the monitor or the HDMI>DVI cable as both have been tested with my old Geforce 8600 GTS 512mb
  3. I don't know what could be causing the problem. Out of curiousity, what PSU do you have? Perhaps you aren't quite getting enough power to the card.

    If no one can help you, I'd advise calling up the manufacturer of the card.
  4. Bystander, perhaps reading the post would help?
    He has a Corsair 750W PSU.
  5. Sorry, I must have passed that part up to read the problem. I'd advise calling the manufacturer.
  6. Yeah, I've posted on a few other forums and if nobody else can help me I'll give Diamond a call on Monday. This is an RMA'd card and I had a 5850 that I tried on it that I returned for a refund because it wouldn't work.

    It doesn't work with DVI on two monitors (both of mine) but on the third one (my dad's) it works perfectly fine.
  7. Okay so it turns out after further research that the whole "power on PC 3 times" issue was due to Ram settings in the motherboard. I found settings that worked and am not having THAT issue anymore...

    ...but I still can't get DVI to work! Its driving me nuts. I CAN'T believe I'm the ONLY person whose ever had this problem.
  8. Okay, I seem to have solved it. I called up Diamond, they talked to their engineer. They had the same motherboard/CPU, tried the card and had no problems with it. But they said that the card will only work with DVI-I and not DVI-D. So that explains why it wouldn't work with my two monitors but it would work with my dad's, because his was DVI-I.

    Now finding a DVI-I to HDMI adapter was tough, I wound up having to order one from for like $5, no place here carried one - they had everything else though lol. Now I just have to wait for it.

    Problem solved.
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