How long will a overclocked GPU last?

Ive just got a GTX 570 DirectCu II running at stock 742MHz, im planning to keep it for 3+ Years and i want to overclock it to 850-950MHz. How long would it last?

PS. i have a 2600k @ 4.4GHz
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  1. There's really no definite set time period for that, but as long as you don't have to go crazy with the voltage and the temps are good, you should be just fine.
  2. Depends, not every chip is the same :)
  3. Alright thanks for the info, i want to overclock now but Asus SmartDoctor wont turn work because it said it cant find my ASUS Video card -_-
  4. Yeah, I just replied to your thread in the Graphics section about it, but like I said over there, just use MSI Afterburner to OC.
  5. lololol i replied also
  6. You first need to find out what the TJ max is of your Gpu processor is. You really need to do some searches on that subject. There are a lot of opinions on the web about how close to run your equipment to the TJ Max. For practical purposes, it seems that they believe running at 80% seems to be a good comprimise between performance and heat. ie. If the room temp is 0 C and the tj max is 100 c, don't go over 80 C. Quite franlkly I run at 70%.

    I could see you hitting your goal of 3 years running at 70%.

    If I were you though, I would do the research. The debates are actually quite interesting and there is a lot of information.

    Best of luck.
  7. ^ For the GTX 570, it's 97C.
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