Overclocking i7 3770k temps

Hi all- long time reader and I just got made a new rig
CPU-I7 3770k
Mb- MB ASUS|P8Z77-V Z77 LGA1155 R
Ram- 16 gb 4Gx4|G.SKIL F3-12800CL9Q-16GBXL
Case- cool master HAF932
CPU fan- noctua nh-d14

I would like to OC it to 4.5 but my stock temps are slightly higher than what others have reported running 26-32 under no load and 67-71 using prime 95 after 15 min.

My question is with these temps is it likely to run a stable and powerful system if I overclock to 4.5?

Also I used noctua's thermal compound that came with the cooler applying a drop in the center and using a business card to spread
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  1. Also the intel extreme tuning utility causes system crashes whenever I try to OC my CPU. Is this common for anyone else?
  2. Better to use a drop and not spread with anything. Let the heat sink do it. To your temp question, that doesn't seem excessive to me. You now need to minimize your vcore.
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