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Old computer - AMD Athlon XP2600 CPU Old Graphic Card ATI X1300 will burn out soon. Question - Would CPU be able to drive one of the new APG cards? If so which one?
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  1. The lower rated ones maybe up to HD3650
  2. A 3650 or 2600 AGP card would be fine for you. No point in spending more on a 3850 or 4600 series AGP card with that old CPU.
  3. I'd go with this for your system

    POWERCOLOR AG3650 $59.99

    If you don't mind going on eBay then you may want to get an ATI X1900 or nvidia 7900 series AGP card. Of course those cards are a bit power hungry so make sure you have a decent PSU. Overclocking your CPU would certainly help to make things playable. If you have a Barton Athlon 2600+ (I think there was also a thorton, ie 256k cache disabled) then you should be able to overclock it a bit. If it's the Thoroughbred, not so much.
  4. I wish to thank all those who replyed. I will look into the suggested Graphic cards. If there is any thing else like driver I should know about please let me know. Again many thank for your kind replies.
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