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Hello, I have a couple of IBM thinkcentre 8172 sff desktops that need new PSU. Have not been able to find an new replacement at a reasonable price. If anyone knows of one I would appreciate?Can I use a generic $15-20 PSU and leave it outside of the small case and just run the wires through the back where the old one was? Supprising how many of these computers were made and now replacement PSU's are available.
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  1. Technically that would work as long as the motherboard uses a 20 pin ATX connector that will work just make sure if you do run a wire to ground the case to the power supply by running a wire from any metal part of the case to the metal case of the power supply improper grounding will cause problems. In theory it should work.
  2. Does this directron psu include the cables? hard to tell from their web site. Thanks
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