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Just bought an Asus GTS250 and was having the issue with the noisy fan.

Downloaded the Bios Flash as directed by ASUS, and ran it - and got the error message that board ID didnt match would i like to continue.

So to double check, i took out the board - double, triple and quadruple checked the part number matched the part number on the site that said use this BIOS and it matched.

I even re-downloaded to make sure that it was the correct files

So i went back and overrode as everything matched with what ASUS said on the site.

Now amazingly enough - im getting the Beeeeeep, beep beep (video card error) message.

I dont have a PCI card to re-flash

So i have two options

1-Return as its a problem as its really a BIOS issue with ASUS, and get a replacment - but im not sure the company will be that honourable?

2-Blind Flash back to original bios and put up with the fan noise.

Anyone have any idea's on why the BIOS Asus has posted does not match with the Card - even though its the EXACT same part number???

I dont want to have wasted my cash - any advice will be greatfully received!

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  1. Flash it back to its original BIOS.
    You can use a program like ATI Tools, or RivaTuner, or Nvidia's nTune.
    These Over Clock programs have fan control. So you can adjust it to your liking.
    Just don't over heat your card.
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