Seagate 500 GB HDD crash - options?

Hi all.

I think we had a power surge at home and as a result my media drive (500 GB Seagate) seems to have taken a hit.

The drive powers up and spins but the PC (Windows XP SP2) won't see it. I have tried it in a few different enclosures but still get the same result. The drive makes no ticking noises so it hasn't head crashed, I assume.

One thing is I got two seperate PC's (a laptop via USB and a desktop internally) to display it in the device manager but it does not come up in windows explorer. I suspect there is probably a problem with the PCB board underneath the drive and have heard about replacing it but finding another exact drive with the same firmware is a long shot. So, any help as to how I can possibly ressurrect this drive or at least retreive the data on it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys and gals.

Cheers :)
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  1. Bump

    No advice guys?

    Cheers :)
  2. Is it a 7200.11 model?
  3. It's a 7200.12.
  4. If the drive spins up, then the PCB is most probably OK. If it were to have been a 7200.11 model, then you could have been a victim of the BSY bug that afflicted certain firmware versions.

    If you insist on trying a PCB swap, then you will need to transfer the "adaptive" data in your serial flash memory chip to your donor PCB. Some PCB suppliers include such a service for US$10.
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