Random loss of power in external devices.

I have a HP Pavilion Media Center TV PC. It is an 2005 or an 2006 Edition. When I use the PC it works fine, instant everything. How ever when the PC is on for more than 48 hours it kills the power to the monitor, mouse and keyboard (mouse and keyboard are USB Devices) but still gives power to my external WiFi router that uses USB. It has all the likeness of Sleep Mode but I can't wake it up. If I turn it off by hitting the power button and then turn it back on it gives me a high whine like R2D2 but a little lower and then stops. The monitor moues and keyboard to not come on the router however does. I can still open and close the CD drives. If I leave the PC unplugged for 1-2 days it will work fine for another 48 hours. I have turned off all of the hibernation and sleep modes.

Thank You for any help and for taking the time to read this.
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  1. If you turn the Pc off when not in use does this problem still happen? Like for example leave it on for 24 hurs and then shut it down for a perid of time that it's not being sed andthen turn it back on for another 24 hours and repeat the process to see if thatmakes a difference.
    It may be that the power supply is starting to get old and wearing down. If the power supply has never been changed and it's 6 years old then most likely it's starting to go , those things do't last forever an the o eventually stop working and you never know how its going to happen. One day the thing just won't turn on or like in your case it could just start with random problems.
  2. I did that and it dose not seem to mater. I did that last time and the PC failed to turn its self all the way off (it was the 4th of 5th time that I turned it off and on.) and I had to wait again.

    I turned the PC on at midnight last night and it ran until 4 this afternoon. It kills the power to the mouse and Keyboard first and then the monitor
  3. Then most likely you need a new power supply or even to consider a new computer.
    As another option to your situation is the computer pluged into the same wall socket all the time and is there a possability of changing to a different wall socket that would be on a different circut breaker. Does your electrical panel have circut breakers or the round glass fuses? If it has circut breakers then another thing that can be happening is that over time the circut breaker can weaken and become weaker , so by switching to an outlet that is controlled by a different circut breaker or replacing the current one could make a difference.
  4. The breakers are not the problem. Nor is it the power supply if it was the power supply I would not get power any where. As it is I get power to some of the computer but not all of it.

    I found out that some one at my church works on in PCs and told me that it was a BIOS problem the I was told to go to HPs website and get the new download for it. But to be careful when I did and not to get one with all the attachments.
  5. Well it copuld be the bios and it could be other things as well. The power supply can cause several differen issues and when it gets old there's nothing that says it has to compltely shut down , it couls have some faulty relays that would cause part of it to fail resulting in partial loss of power. If you had a power supply tester then you would know for sure if it was completely good or partialy bad.
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