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Hello everyone.
I'm Varun and I own a dell vostro 1014 laptop. I used to have windows xp on my laptop some time back. Now the problem with my laptop while working on xp was that it would continuously keep on playing the plug and play sound. So as to get rid of this annoying sound I changed it's location and since then that sound didn't bug me either. Now lately I upgraded to Windows Vista and to my surprise that plug n play sound started playing in Vista too. But to add to it, every time this sound would come, the resolution of my laptop would change from 1366 x 768 to 800 x 600 and then back to normal. So, I unchecked the plug n play box in msconfig so as to figure out if it's the plug n play only that's causing the problem. The problem stops when I stop the plug and play. But I just can't keep the PnP off every time as the USB stops working too. I know that the problem is not just the PnP but something that is making the PnP to initiate some actions. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.
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  1. This probably belongs in the Windows or Software sections, we are hardware gurus, not software.
  2. It sounds like you have something connected to your laptop that is improperly installed/connected. What do you mean by "changed it's location?" Try unplugging USB components and accessories to isolate the issue and figure out what's causing the PnP to keep detecting hardware.
  3. "Changed the location" means I moved to a different folder. I have nothing plugged in the USB either.
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