Connecting LG 5.1 surround to SupremeFX X-FI by optical cable

hey guys, i have an LG HT980 DVD RECEIVER and i have a SupremeFX X-FI that came with the rampage II extreme..the question is what do i need to configure coz theres no sound at all..i jst plugged the cables in the dvd(on AUX function) and plugged the other side of the cable in the sound card..ANY help would be great! ASAP ASAP ASAP
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  1. You install all the Soundblaster Software ?
  2. my current os is windows 7 and yes i installed the software that came with my board which is the soundblaster x-fi is there anything more i can do? it will be very helpful if u tell me what to do..
  3. Make sure you have turned your reciver (The LG DVD player?) to the correct setting. Also check that windows is set to output sound on the right device. Right click on the Volume icon in the system tray and choose "playback devices."
    Make sure the correct playback device is selected to output the sound from the optical audio on the card.
    If this does not work, make sure you have correctly configured the soundblaster drivers aswell.
  4. 2 more questions and am sry for disturbance..
    1-what do you mean by"to output the sound from the optical audio on the card"?
    2-i installed the drivers that came with the rampage II extreme disc..its proper drivers..but i ran through a lot of compatibility there some source so that i can download proper win7 64 bit drivers..i searched all over the net..
    my sound card:SupremeFX X-FI
    thanks a lot
  5. patodoom said:
    ...i jst plugged the cables in the dvd(on AUX function) and plugged the other side of the cable in the sound card...

    It sounds like you have connected the digital audio out from your PC to the AUX input on your receiver. Is that right? (That won't work.) I was unable to find out anything about the LG box (I never can with those). The X-Fi is a bit of a mystery, too, but I found a pic that showed a coaxial connector next to the optical.
  6. have a supremeFX X-fi soundcard that came with my rampage II extreme mobo...when i plugged SPDIF into my LG dvd reciever with an LG 5.1 surround..and into my soundcard..the problem is that my pc isnt playing games and music on 5.1 only i think if i buy this thing:
    will everything work on 5.1 system btw my pc is reading SPDIF as stereo..or i can simply do a software mod and everythin will work on 5.1 surround?
  7. Then why did you say "AUX function"?

    It looks like that Creative gadget will work for gaming at least (if the LG decodes DTS). I can't tell from the specs what it will do with music. Thing is, it's over a hundred dollars. You can spend less and achieve the same result with a sound card that has Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect (which is what the DTS-610 ad means by "a special real-time version of DTS encoding"). I don't think there is a software cure. The ASUS Xonar DS, for example, is fifty bucks and will render mp3 as 7.1 if you want. It has an optical out in the back surround jack. It, too, is DTS only.
  8. the Creative only costs 52$ man..and i think that my dvd can encode DTS i saw the DTS digital surround logo on the DVD i jst want the 5.1 surround to work on games if u want to check my dvd specs so that i dnt spend my 55$ for nthn here it is:|
    Thank you..i jst need your last confirmation that everything will work fine
  9. Fifty-two? Ok, then. I didn't shop very hard.

    I meant I can never find specs for LG stuff even when I have the model number. Do you have a link to an owner's manual or spec list? Their website is the internet equivalent of voicemail. I'd say if you see a "DTS" in your display, you're OK.
  10. so i order the creative DTS plug my optical cable into the out and the from the encoder to the dvd with another optical cable to the in.. and all my games should work in 5.1 surroun right?
    if so thank you very much for the help:)
  11. No. You have to run analogue cables from the PC speaker jacks to the encoder. Then your games will have surround sound.
  12. P.S.--You'll also need an optical from the PC to the encoder for DVD passthrough.
  13. i knw..i have 2 optical cables..pc->encoder,encoder->DVD
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