My computer will not recognize my monitor

Hi there,

I recently bought some new RAM for my computer and a new power supply. I had been having problems where my computer would randomly reboot, normally while I was gaming. I assumed that either the power supply or the RAM had simply aged and needed to be replaced. Done and done. However, after switching out the RAM, my computer started but my monitor will not receive a signal from the tower. Everything is running swell except the monitor.

I have tried removing the video card and returning it. Restarting the computer numerous times. Unplugging all cords and replugging them and am now at a loss. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your time.
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  1. Problem averted. Thanks for the time.
  2. What's your full system specs? Since the problem started occurring after switching out the ram, make sure they are TIGHTLY seated onto the motherboard slots. Loose RAM will cause the computer to not POST. Can you tell if your computer boots all the way to the desktop by listening for the startup sound?
  3. Nobodyshero said:
    Problem averted. Thanks for the time.

    have the exact same problem. what did you do to fix it? i have recently built a new computer myself, and half was through a game it will make some wacked humming sound, shut itself down, and then i turn it back on and it wont regester the monitor, any ideas?
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