Upgrade from 2gb ddrII 667 to 4gb ddrII 800 or 1066?

hey guys,
i'm looking to upgrade my ram. i use my system for some gaming and its always on...either playing music or downloading...never ever gonna overclock, and i want my system to be stable and as quick as possible without any crashes.

here's my specs so far:

intel e7400
asus p5q se plus
mushkin 2gb ddr II 667
ocz mod stream 520 watt

i'm looking into a 800 or 1066...dont know what difference i'll be getting.
for sure i'm looking at 4gb's because i'll be running windows xp 32 bit or windows 7 32 bit.

please help me decide on my speeds and which type of ram to get!
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  1. If you're not ever going to overclock then another kit of DDR2 667 MHz RAM wouldn't be a bad idea. Might as well go for 800 MHz modules if they're similarly priced. Note that when you run a 32-bit OS you'll most likely only recognise 3.5 GB or so, why not upgrade to 64-bit if possible?
  2. i'm scared the 4gb won't be sufficient enough for a 64bit, so at least with the 32 i can maxmimize everything.
    i'd like to be able to run a game in the background, music, chatting/webcaming, surfing, and maybe a tv tuner on too.

    is it true that 1066 ram isnt as stable as the 800's?
  3. The minimum that Microsoft recommends for Windows 7 64-bit is 2 GB of RAM, you'll be fine.

    1066 MHz is just as stable as 800 MHz RAM if it works properly... sounds a bit weird but if configured correctly it should be just as stable as 800 MHz RAM.
  4. ya, im too lazy to configure at this stage.
    i guess i'll stick to the 800's then.

    will i see a big significant difference from 667's to 800's?
  5. No. Just like there's no noticeable difference between DDR3 1066 MHz and 1866 MHz.
  6. You can notice it in tests like 3dvantge etc etc. other wise you wont notice them much. may be in gaming, but i don't think so.
  7. ^ Except in benchmarks I should have added. You'll get an extra frame or two but I doubt you'd notice it. In SiSoft Sandra you'd probably see a difference too.
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