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Hi I am very confused. I am currently runing a Q6700 CPU and I bought a QX6850. Now for some reason its not runing on my Dell made nForce 690-SLI Chipset. Someone told me that my Chipset must have support for Stepping "G0" otherwise the QX6850 will not run. Now here is the question I went on the Intel website:

you see the Q6700 clearly states it is Stepping: "G0". But when I run CPUZ in the Steeping window I get "B" and in the Revision Window I get "G0" so I am very confused what stepping do I have G0 or B. Kindly can someone help me and tell me what Stepping I have?

Thank you.
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  1. Your problem isnt the chipset you problem is dell they have to write the cpuid into the bios when they make it for there motherboards if they dont it into the bios it will never work. Yes the chipset might support it but until dell writes it for it you are SOL.

    I just noticed this is the same post as this one

    You selected best answer yet you still questioning it?
  2. Actually I questioned about the Q6700 Stepping to eliminate the confusion about what Intel says on its website and what CPUZ says on my computer. And by accident I put my chipset as 690-SLI its not that its 590-SLI. I have already selected the best answer over there for that question. This is a different question about stepping.
  3. Best answer selected by mayu.
  4. I completely agree with you zipzoomflyhigh I called the seller and just returned the QX6850. Its this bad motherboard made by Dell though it is so called the "nForce 590-SLI" but it just does not support this processor. Because Dell makes its own BIOS and they are pretty shi--y. But as we all learn from experience I will never buy a branded computer ever. Like most of people here on the forum Ill make my own by the end of the year. But thank you everyone for you help and making me understand some tech stuff.
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