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ive previously bought a Dlink DIR-600 wireless router and a Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter so i can connect to Xbox Live without a wired connection to my xbox, i setup my Dlink and Network adapter for my xbox and i tried to test my connection and it kept stopping on connecting to the internet but it could connect to the router itself, please help!


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  1. XBOX Live requires certain ports to be opened on your router's firewall. You have three ways to accomplish that task.

    1. Manually configure the ports ( )

    2. Place the IP address of the XBOX in the router's DMZ.

    3. Enabled UPnP (Universal Plug N Play) on your router.

    Each has advantages and disadvantages. I would try either option #2 or #3 (since each is pretty easy to implement) and see if that clears up the problem. Then come back later and decide if one of the other options might be a better long term solution in terms of security, ease of use, etc.
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