Cougar Volant and Hyper 212+/EVO Fit

Hey, just wondering whether or not the CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ or EVO will fit in a Cougar Volant case (0-2 side panel 120mm fans)? Motherboard is the Asrock Extreme4 Z77, and ram is Patriot GSeries Sector 5.
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  1. Yes. The answer is Yes. As long as your case has 160mm width, it'll fit. And the cougar does qualify.

    May i suggest the hyper 212 evo, it is better than the 212+, period.
  2. The heatsink will fit and as to which one to get that will depend on how much overclocking you plan to do. The Cooler Master 212+ is only $19.99 and if your not doing much of an overclock it would be an inexpensive option.
    What cpu are you using?
  3. Going for the i5 3570k. I'm content with 4.2 or 4.3 ghz, but I'd max out at 4.5 (though I might not ever need that much).

    Actually, leaning towards the EVO. Would I also need to get any thermal paste?
  4. The evo should come with some either preapplied or in a small tube with enough for the installation. I like to have some extra on hand in case I have to remove the heatsink or change something that requirews me to remove it and once you do you should always reapply the thermal compound. I like Artic Silver 5.
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