Monitor goes black at Windows log in screen

Hello, I recently upgraded my graphics card due to hardware failure.
I did have a GeForce 7900gt and upgraded to Radeon HD 4850 1gb. While doing this my 600w Alienware PSU went rogue on me and quit.

Replaced that with a Corsair 750w PSU.

All before the new components were added I reformatted and installed windows (big crash after a move). The graphics card had artifacting until windows was loaded, then worked OK. As soon as I installed drivers for the GeForce 7900gt my CRT monitor would go black after the Loading Windows XP screen while it was trying to load the log in screen.

Trying not to replace anything right then, I uninstalled drivers....Worked great. Then I found some 2 year old drivers for the card and it worked fine. Just couldnt get my Samsung LCD monitor to work (that just flashes the blue power LED)

Needless to say, i got a bug up my ass and replaced the graphics card and PSU. Same thing happens, as soon as there are new drivers, the monitor goes out.

I have unloaded and reset RAM, power cycled the system numerous times, switched the PCI-E slot of the Radeon 4850.

I have also done all Windows Updates, installed drivers on monitors. I have Catalyst installed but it said (Failure During Installation). I have Catalyst on my desktop and i can run the program. DXDiag shows that i have the current graphics card. But if i go to change screen resolution or mess with dual monitor support....monitor goes black.

Any and all help would be awesome. Would appreciate help that didnt cost money the most! Didn't have the money to upgrade like i did, let alone purchase more stuff!
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  1. Hmph i had a problem like this i thought it was with my pc however it ended up being the cable. Turn the windows sound up when you reboot listen to see if there is like a device plug in sound. That may be a problem. I went and bought a new HDMI to DVI cable for my monitor and it works fine. however your cable will likely be different.
  2. Well I just dont understand why when there are no drivers installed that it works fine.

    The LCD monitor just has the power LED flashing.

    The CRT is hooked up with a VGA to DVI adapter whereas the LCD is hooked up with a Monster THX-Ultra DVI cable.

    The PC will load up with the CRT working until it goes to the Windows Log In screen.

    I can log in using last known configuration, but the computer 'thinks' it is in 600x400 resolution at 8 bit color....if i try to mess with any monitor settings or even try to set a screen saver, I lose video signal.

    The screen is actually in 1024x768 and in 32bit color.
  3. Is the LCD TV or a monitor? Sometimes Drivers have trouble identifying Televions as monitors.
  4. It is a Monitor. Samsung 740BF. I bought it when I built my Alienware PC in 2006.
  5. Problem solved! Sadly its because my LCD monitor is bad. But, at least I do have a monitor that does work. I will be taking apart the monitor to see what exactly is the problem (what could go wrong). ahaha

    Other than that, its saving the pennies for a 23" 1080p monitor.

    Thanks for all the help!!
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