New Quad Core CPU install issues...Please help.

Hello all,

I just received in the mail today a Core 2 Quad Yorkfeild 2.83GHZ Q9550 CPU. And proceeded to install it into my P5K SE LGA 755 Motherboard. Hooked it all up just fine, plugged the power and everything back in and I pressed the power button nothing. wont boot, no response at all. Rechecked all connections. made sure power button jumpers were hooked up correctly and no go.

I am kind of at a loss of what else to try? Any idea's? Is it maybe a bad CPU? Any and all help would be much appreciated!

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  1. Did you update the bios before installing the new chip? The newer revisions of that chip need a new bios than the early ones.

    Next I'd read over this and make sure you did EVERY step:

    If still a no go, maybe something here might help:

    If it was a bad chip, I'd expect some error beeps but if you don't have an on board speaker, you might not be hearing them.
  2. Update here.

    Just went through the 2nd check list. I had already flashed the bios with the latest version prior to install(sorry for not including in orignal post). I still cannot get the computer power on.

    I did use a can of air to blow out all the dust prior to installing the cpu dunno if that did anything highly doubt it tho...

    I do get a Green power LED light on the Mobo indicating it has power. But still when i hit the power on button no go.

    I have double checked all the power button jumpers. Still same issues.

    Any other idea's?
  3. Any of the fans spin?

    I'd try putting the old CPU back in and see if fires up. If it does, then you probably do have a bad CPU. I've had one in my computer days, so it does happen.
  4. Did you check both power connectors, 4 pin and 24 pin?

    Did you install CPU fan?

    It sounds like a short somewhere. Did you just remove the old CPU and put in the new one or did you redo the whole motherboard (out of case)?
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